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How it all began

Our Story

Our journey began when our two founders met and quickly realised their common interest in developing a data-driven insurtech solution for the underserved eCommerce merchant community having experienced personally the insurance market failings both in terms of service and pricing.

One of our founders is an experienced eCommerce entrepreneur who has been poorly served by insurers in the past and the other founder has spent years in financial services and insurance in particular using data to develop smarter customer propositions and service.

With talented data engineers, insightful actuaries and smart underwriters, we built our proprietary rating and pricing model using billions of data points collected from eCommerce platforms in real time. It is constantly being updated with new data and honed using AI and machine learning. Our unique proposition offers real-time rated, monthly priced and billed cover, not speculatively priced a year in advance and subject to laborious mid-term adjustments.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Our Team

We are a dynamic insurtech team of eCommerce experts, customer-focused insurance professionals and outstanding tech engineers who share the simple vision to provide appropriate insurance coverage tailored to individual eCommerce traders.
Rohit Nair, Founder and CEO

Rohit Nair

Founder & CEO

Iain Watt, COO and Co-Founder

Iain Watt

Co-Founder & COO

Peter Glanfield, CUO

Peter Glanfield