Amazon Seller Badges: The Secret Weapons for Seller Success

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Imagine two similar Amazon product listings, one with a “best seller” badge and one without. Which one would you be more inclined to click and buy?

Listing with compared to without badges

As an Amazon seller, understanding these badges and how to earn them can be a game-changer for your business. Badges help set your listing apart from hundreds, if not thousands, of competitor listings to improve your click-through rates, conversion rates, search rankings, and profit. 

Not to mention the badges that signal to your customers who you are and what you stand for as a brand, helping you attract the shoppers who will buy into your company mission and become loyal customers. 

This article will cover the top 10 Amazon badges that every seller should know about:

Benefits of Amazon Seller Badges: For You and Your Customers

Boxes in an Amazon warehouse

Amazon seller badges are more than a ‘nice to have’ bonus. They have a huge impact on the buying behavior of Amazon customers.

  1. Increase click-through rates: There’s no doubt that selling on Amazon is a huge opportunity but the marketplace is also packed with hundreds of similar products. Amazon badges are designed to be eye-catching and colorful to draw the attention of more customers in the search results and boost your click-through rate.
  1. Boost credibility: Badges like Best Seller or Amazon’s Choice add a layer of credibility to your listing. They signal to customers that your product is popular or highly recommended, which can influence their buying decision.
  1. Increase organic rankings: A higher search ranking naturally means an increase in organic clicks and sales. This added organic reach ultimately means an improvement to your profit margins versus the sales you’ve achieved through your PPC campaigns.
  1. Improve conversion rates: Not only do badges increase traffic, but they also improve conversion rates (from both organic and PPC traffic). When customers see badges on a product listing, they act as a trust signal. Customers perceive it as a sign of quality or popularity, making them more likely to purchase.

Imagine the impact on your business when your product listing features a badge like Best Seller or Amazon’s Choice. You’ll likely see an increase in page views, a boost in sales, and a higher ranking in search results.

So, while earning these badges might require some effort and strategic planning, the benefits they bring to your Amazon business are well worth it.

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Here’s a run-down of the top 10 badges to be aware of:

Amazon Best Seller Badge

Amazon best seller badge

Who can earn it: The Amazon Best Seller badge is awarded to the top 100 best sellers in a specific category or sub-category on Amazon.

What it signals to your customers: This badge is a sign of popularity and high sales volume, making it a powerful tool for attracting potential customers to your listing.

Keep in mind that the Best Seller badge varies per marketplace. So, if you’re a best seller in the US, that doesn’t automatically make you a best seller in the UK. It’s crucial to consider this when thinking about expanding your business into new markets and using Amazon’s global selling program.

To find your Best Seller Rank on Amazon, scroll to the product information section on your product listing. Here, you’ll see your product’s rank in each category it’s listed in.

Best Seller Rank on Amazon

How to Get the Amazon Best Seller Badge

Amazon calculates the best sellers based on sales data. They’re updated hourly, which means you have 24 opportunities every day to earn or lose this badge.

Running deals and maintaining competitive pricing can help you climb the ranks. Pairing a discount with marketing outside of Amazon could lead to the increase in sales you need to break into the top 100.

Here’s a tip: Be the big fish in a small pond. Trying to earn a Best Seller badge in a top-level category is much harder than earning one in a niche sub-category with fewer competitors. So go after the Best Seller badge for niche categories first. 

And the best part? When users find your product in the ‘top level’ category, your listing still carries the badge you earned in the niche category. 

But beware, don’t list in an irrelevant category just to earn the Best Seller badge – it’ll jeopardize your organic rankings and results in the long run. 

Amazon’s Choice Badge

Amazon's Choice badge

Who can earn it: This badge is awarded to products that best match the keywords that users are searching for, have good reviews, competitive pricing, and are eligible for Amazon Prime. Unlike the Best Seller badge, which is awarded based on sales volume alone, the Amazon’s Choice badge takes into account page view data and customer service.

What it signals to your customers: The Amazon’s Choice badge was introduced to assist customers using voice search, a feature that gained popularity in 2015 following the release of Alexa. If your product has the Amazon’s Choice badge, it’s likely to be recommended to users utilizing voice search.

How to Earn the Amazon’s Choice Badge

Amazon awards the Amazon’s Choice badge to listings that are “highly-rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately.” While this may sound similar to the criteria for the Best Seller badge, the Amazon’s Choice badge is more focused on a product’s overall appeal and quality.

To earn the Amazon’s Choice badge, you should:

  • Maintain high customer ratings
  • Optimize your listing for frequently searched terms
  • Focus on achieving a high conversion rate by optimizing your listing copy and price

New Release Badge

New release badge

Who can earn it: The New Release badge is awarded to products with high sales volume during their initial launch. 

What it signals to your customers: This badge can be a game-changer for newly listed products, giving them a visibility boost during the crucial first 90 days on the platform. It signals to Amazon customers that you’re offering a hot product that’s flying off the shelves. 

New releases in pet supplies

How to Earn the New Release Badge

Earning the New Release badge is all about hitting the ground running. You need to generate a significant number of sales as soon as your product is launched, which goes hand in hand with maintaining a position on page one for your primary keyword. Here are some strategies to help you achieve this:

  1. Run Deals: Offering introductory deals can help attract customers to your new product and boost initial sales.
  1. Leverage Your Existing Audience: If you’re launching a second product in a similar niche and already have an established audience, make sure to take full advantage of this. Whether it’s through a mailing list, social media, or other marketing techniques, getting the word out about your new product to your existing customer base can significantly boost initial sales.

Remember, the New Release badge is only available for the first 90 days of a product being listed. So, it’s essential to make the most of this period and use the badge to increase visibility and drive sales for your new product.

Top Brand Badge

Top brand badge

Who can earn it: The Top Brand badge is designed to recognize prominent brands on the platform and was introduced to make brand-name products easily identifiable to customers.

What it signals to your customers: Having the Top Brand badge on your listing allows customers who prefer shopping for brand-name products to quickly spot your product in the search results. 

Top brand filter

How to Get the Top Brand Badge

Earning the Top Brand badge arguably has the most requirements. Here are the key criteria you need to meet:

  • Be a premium brand with consistently positive customer reviews
  • Be well established with a wide range of products
  • Sell in large volumes across your product range
  • Maintain optimized listings and a high conversion rate

In essence, the Top Brand badge is awarded to brands that have a strong presence on the platform and consistently deliver high-quality products and excellent customer service. 

Amazon Prime Badge

Prime badge

Who can earn it: The Amazon Prime badge is available to any FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) seller or seller enrolled in the Seller Fulfilled Prime program.

What it signals to your customers: With over 200 million Amazon Prime customers worldwide, fast and free shipping is no longer a luxury, it’s an expectation – and the Prime badge is often a non-negotiable when it comes to which products those customers choose to purchase.

The Amazon Prime badge is a unique feature that indicates a product is eligible for Amazon Prime’s fast and free shipping. This badge is a significant advantage for sellers as it not only enhances the product’s visibility but also attracts buyers looking for quick delivery.

How to Earn the Amazon Prime Badge

Getting the Amazon Prime badge requires one of two options:

  • Become an FBA seller: By becoming an FBA seller, your products automatically become eligible for Amazon Prime, earning you the Prime badge
  • Enrol in the Seller Fulfilled Prime program: There are a few more hoops to jump through to prove you have the capability to fulfill orders on time and maintain Prime status. To pass the Seller Fulfilled Prime 30-day trial, you’ll have to:
    • Ship 100 or more packages from Prime trial orders
    • Have an on-time delivery rate of at least 93.5%
    • Have a valid tracking rate of at least 99%
    • Maintain a seller-initiated cancellation rate of less than 0.5%
    • Meet the minimum thresholds for one-day and two-day delivery speeds

With the popularity of Amazon Prime continuing to grow and the more recent launch of Amazon’s ‘Buy with Prime’ program for customers shopping on external eCommerce sites, earning the Prime badge could mean a huge uplift in sales for your business.

Scaling as an Amazon seller can mean risky business

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Savings, Coupons, and Discounts Badges

Discount badge

Who can earn it: Any seller can add a Savings, Coupon, or Discount Badge to their Amazon listing by offering a deal to their customers.

What it signals to your customers: Discount badges attract deal-seeking customers and boost your sales.

How to Earn the Extra Savings, Coupons, and Discounts Badge

Getting a Savings, Coupon, or Discount badge is simple and involves the following steps:

  1. Access your Amazon Seller Central account
  2. Go to Advertising > Coupons
  3. Create your deal!

Coupons are paid advertising units, which means that every time a customer redeems a coupon or the coupon is “clipped,” you pay Amazon a fee. 

You can choose between “% off” or money off coupons, depending on what works best for your product and marketing strategy.

Climate Pledge Friendly Badge

Climate pledge friendly

Who can earn it: According to Amazon, the Climate Pledge Friendly badge recognizes products with improvements in at least one aspect of sustainability. It highlights products that meet sustainability standards and help preserve the natural world and customers can view your certificates to learn about the eco-friendly steps your brand has taken.

What it signals to your customers: This badge is a testament to a seller’s commitment to environmental preservation and can be a significant selling point for eco-conscious customers. Amazon even has a Climate Pledge Friendly product filter, making it easier for customers to find and choose eco-friendly products.

Sustainable products filter

How to Earn the Climate Pledge Friendly Badge

To earn the Climate Pledge Friendly badge, your product needs to be certified by at least one of the 18 Amazon sustainability certification partners.

Once your product is certified, Amazon will automatically display the badge and the relevant certifications on your product listing. This transparency not only boosts your product’s credibility but also helps customers confidently make informed buying decisions.

Limited Time Deal and Deal of the Day Badge

Limited time deal

Who can earn it: Products are eligible for Deal of the Day or Limited Time Deal badges as long as they’re Prime eligible, have at least a 3-star rating, and are in new condition. 

What it signals to your customers: The Limited Time Deal or Deal of the Day badge is an excellent way to attract customers looking for a bargain. By highlighting your product’s discounted price and the limited availability of the deal, this badge can help drive impulse purchases and boost your sales. 

How to Earn the Limited-Time Deal or Deal of the Day Badge

To earn the Limited-Time Deal or Deal of the Day badge, set up a deal in your Seller Central account by navigating to Advertising > Deals. 

Small Business Badge

Small Business Badge

Who can earn it: To earn the Small Business Amazon badge, your brand must meet certain criteria to qualify as a small business, including a revenue threshold, brand registry, or being part of the Handmade program.

What it signals to your customers: Supporting small businesses is a huge selling point for many consumers and this badge allows them to do so while enjoying the convenience and security of shopping on Amazon.

Small business badge details

How to Earn the Amazon Small Business Badge

To qualify for the Small Business badge, your business must meet the following criteria:

  • Have fewer than 100 employees
  • Generate less than $50M in annual revenue
  • Be Amazon Brand Registered or be part of the Handmade program.

To apply for the Small Business badge, contact Selling Partner Support and provide them with the name of your brand and company, business address, and merchant token ID. Amazon will review your eligibility and get back to you within 10 business days.

Black Owned Business Badge

Black owned business badge

Who can earn it: This badge is a powerful tool for Black entrepreneurs to gain visibility and recognition on Amazon

What it signals to your customers: In 2022, Amazon launched the Black Owned Business badge as part of an initiative to support and promote sustainable growth for Black-owned businesses. Registering for this badge makes it easier for Amazon customers to seek out and support Black-owned businesses. 

How to Earn the Black-Owned Business Badge

To qualify for the Black-owned Business badge, your business must have a minority-owned business registration or certification. You can obtain these from the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) or the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Once you have your certificate, upload it to your seller account and select “Black American Owned” as your business’s ownership type.

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