Amazon Vine Program: Have Your Most Lucrative Product Launch Yet. A Guide to Authentic Customer Reviews for Sellers

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80% of consumers are less likely to buy a product if it has no reviews.  Clearly, customers expect reviews – authentic ones. 

They’re the key to directly driving more sales. But what if you don’t have any at all? And how many do you really need to make a difference?

According to research, five is the magic number. Going from zero to five reviews increases the purchase likelihood of a product by 270%!

But when customers are increasingly reluctant to purchase a product with zero reviews, achieving your first five can feel like a mountain to climb.

Amazon Vine is helping sellers climb that mountain. This guide will show you how to leverage it to boost your Amazon sales.

What is the Amazon Vine Program?

Amazon Vine is a unique program that allows Amazon customers to receive free Items and in exchange, they leave an honest and unbiased product review. Becoming one of these reviewers, known as “Vine Voices”, is invite-only, meaning Amazon only invites customers who consistently post detailed and helpful reviews on Amazon outside of the program. 

Amazon Vine Review

This program is an incredibly powerful tool for sellers to collect those first crucial reviews to boost the visibility and credibility of your product.

It’s important to note that Vine Voices aren’t obligated to leave a review on every product, but Amazon recommends that they do.

Is Amazon Vine Worth It for Sellers?

Amazon reviews

The value of the Amazon Vine program for sellers largely depends on your specific circumstances and goals. One undeniable fact is that customer reviews play a crucial role in the success of a product. 

Remember, getting just 5 reviews on your product detail page can increase conversion rates by 270% or up to 380% for higher ticket items.

The Benefits of Amazon Vine for Seller Success

The Amazon Vine program offers several advantages that can contribute to your success as a seller. Let’s break them down:

  • Securing Your First Reviews: Customer reviews are one of the strongest factors that influence buying decisions and the Amazon Vine program is an opportunity to gain the initial traction you need to launch your product by collecting up to 30 Vine reviews.
  • High-Quality, Authentic Reviews: Vine reviewers have been specifically chosen by Amazon because of their reviewer rank. This means their reviews will likely be very honest, thorough, and genuinely helpful to other customers.
  • Practical Feedback: Vine reviewers go beyond vague one-word reviews. Their comments on every aspect of the product and purchase experience can be invaluable for spotting any product defects or improvements you can make in the future.
Amazon global selling

The Drawbacks of Amazon Vine for Seller Success

As with anything, there are always potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Authenticity: Amazon preaches authenticity, which means Vine Voices must leave an honest and unbiased  review. While this is a huge benefit on one side of the coin, it also means they may leave negative reviews if they find any issues with your product.
  • Too-Detailed Reviews: As Vine reviewers go above and beyond in their reviews, they may call out small inconveniences that other, normal reviewers otherwise wouldn’t.
  • No Guaranteed Reviews: Vine reviewers are under no contractual obligation to give any feedback. This could mean a costly endeavor if you don’t get the number of reviews you wanted or if the reviews are not as positive as you hoped.

That being said, the impact of gaining initial traction when you launch a product on Amazon is monumental. Enrolling in the Amazon Vine program can be a great way to get reviews from trusted reviewers. However, it’s important to understand the process and requirements before you dive in.

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How to Enroll in the Amazon Vine Program as a Seller

Amazon seller application on mobile device

Sellers can enroll up to 200 ASINs at a time in the Amazon Vine program and it couldn’t be more straightforward – as long as you meet the requirements and are aware of the costs involved. Let’s break it down:

Are You Eligible for the Vine Program?

To participate in the program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have a professional selling account
  • You must be enrolled in Amazon brand registry
  • The product being enrolled must have fewer than 30 reviews
  • Products must be in new condition
  • You must have an active listing with available inventory
  • Products must be fulfilled by Amazon to protect the anonymity of Vine reviewers
  • Digital software, applications, and adult products are not eligible

What Does It Cost?

You can submit up to 30 products to Amazon for the Vine program. They’ll send them out to ‘Vine Reviewers’ and you only pay once your first Vine review comes in.

Number of units per parent ASINEnrollment Fee
Up to 2$0

Be sure to check Amazon’s Vine Program page for the most up-to-date information on pricing and eligibility.

How to Enroll a Product in Amazon Vine

Follow these steps to enroll in the Amazon Vine program:

  1. Log into your Amazon Seller Central account
  2. Go to the Advertising tab
  3. Select Vine
  4. Enter the ASIN you want to enroll and select the number of units

It’s that simple! Then, you can track your progress by clicking the ‘details’ button after registering.

How to Cancel an Amazon Vine Enrollment

If you decide to cancel your Amazon Vine enrollment, follow these steps:

  1. Head back to the Vine dashboard in Seller Central
  2. Click on the details of the product you wish to cancel enrollment for
  3. Select “Stop Enrollment” in the bottom right

Amazon Vine: Traction for Your Next Launch

Will you be enrolling in Amazon Vine for your next product launch?

Don’t forget to take into account the costs associated with the program and the other marketing efforts you’re using to drive sales and gain reviews. 

Ask yourself: what other ways can I drive reviews for my newly launched product? Can you leverage an existing audience, for example? 

Amazon Vine is a fantastic opportunity, but not the only opportunity. Using it in combination with other marketing efforts is the best way to tackle your product launch.

Final Tip: Remember, Amazon is extremely strict about best practices when it comes to seeking reviews and is prone to suspending seller central accounts for breaking their terms of service. Reviews cannot be incentivized nor can you ask for only positive reviews – you have to request unbiased and honest feedback.

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